Dear Powder conveying pump customer, welcome to the website of Zhongyuan Innovation Material Powder Conveying Pump Co. LTD! The summer solstice is one of the early confirmed solar terms in the 24 solar terms. In the seventh century BC, the ancestors used Tugui to measure the sun's shadow, and determined the summer solstice. Although the summer solstice indicates that the hot summer has arrived, it is not hot yet. The temperature will continue to rise for a period of time after the summer solstice. It will be hot in about twenty or thirty days. After the summer solstice, the ground is strongly heated and the air convection is vigorous, and thunderstorms often form from afternoon to evening. Innovation remind you material transportation industry customer friends: the weather is hot, pay attention to heatstroke prevention! Thank you for your attention to the Innovative material powder conveying pump website (!


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