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Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump

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Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump  

Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump is a new type of pneumatic conveying equipment for powder, which is specially used for conveying cement, raw material, fly ash, coal ash fertilizer and aluminum oxide powder. Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump uses the ejection action of high-speed air flow to transport powder materials, and the effect is good in the range of equivalent distance 450m and height 40m.

Pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump (pneumatic conveying system) is a special equipment developed by combining pneumatic pressure difference principle with jet flow technology and fluidization technology to fully absorb the theory of modern pneumatic conveying two-phase flow. After years of operation practice, it is developed for the characteristics of continuous conveying in large number of medium and close distance requirements in powder pneumatic conveying process. It and some other pneumatic conveying equipment used in coal power plant ash removal system, cement, metallurgy, chemical industry, dock system and other industries.

Characteristics of pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump :
1, simple structure, reliable operation, stable transmission;
2, the operation is simple, convenient and flexible layout;
3, fully sealed, conveying pneumatic conveying pump how much money, to meet their own environmental protection and engineering requirements on the quality of the material: because of the use of low positive pressure, fully sealed conveying, external materials can not enter the pipe pneumatic conveying pump manufacturers, so it will not cause any change in the nature of the required materials;
4. The quality requirements of the air source are not high, and the system reliability is high: the low pressure continuous pneumatic conveying system composed of low pressure continuous pump has the reliability that the conveying system composed of any other pneumatic conveying equipment cannot achieve. Because the low pressure continuous transmission system generally uses Roots fans (or high pressure centrifugal fans or air compressors as appropriate), the high reliability of Roots fans determines the reliability of the system. The pneumatic conveying system is composed of continuous pumps, and the number and types of general equipment are less pneumatic conveying pumps, making the whole system simple and reliable. Continuous conveying pressure is stable, without any impact load. The equipment body simply sells the pneumatic conveying pump, without the frequent action of the valve in the conventional pneumatic conveying process, the failure rate of the equipment is greatly reduced.
5, economic and reasonable, low cost, low pressure continuous pneumatic conveying system composed of low pressure continuous pump, because of the above characteristics, so at the same time has the characteristics of low cost, superior operation index, so it is welcomed by construction units and operation departments.

Specifications and technical performance of pneumatic conveying material powder conveying pump :


Model number Transport capacityT/h Required air volumem3/min Required wind pressureKpa Fan motor powerKw
LG100 0-5 9--14 30--100 5.5--37
LG125 3--10 12--20 30--100 11--45
LG150 10--20 20--28 30--100 7.5--75
LG200 18--35 32--40 30--100 18--132
LG250 30--55 55--70 30--100 22--185
LG300 50--90 80--100 30--100 30--280
LG400 90--150 92--150 30--100 45--350

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