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Spiral conveyor pump

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Spiral conveyor pump

Suitable for conveying dust particles (such as pulverized coal) medium. This product in the absorption of traditional technology and foreign advanced technology experience on the basis of combining the actual situation in China and many times through the factory continuous improvement and perfection, so that it has stable operation, simple operation, sealing more complete and other characteristics. Widely used in cement, electric power, chemical and other industrial production process.

Continuous quantitative feeding, air lock, and can be vacuumed.
Applicable conditions: Pneumatic conveying system pressure≤0.25MPa.
Material fineness: 50-200 mesh. 
Moisture ≤1.0%.
Pressure loss ≤30kPa
Temperature ≤ 200℃
Applicable industry: power, metallurgy, cement, chemical and other industries powder materials.

Main technical parameters: 

Model and specification Production capacity (m/h) Spindle speed (r/min) Motor type Motor power (kw) Machine weight (kg)
φ146 16 720   5.5  
φ165 20.5 960   5.5  

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